Commercial vs. Raw honey

According to the findings of a comprehensive investigation, conducted by Food Safety News and led by well-known melissopalynologists (honey experts), the vast majority (76%) of all “honey” products sold at the major supermarket chains, grocery stores and even restaurants, are not considered real honey and did not contain any trace of pollen.

(Full FSN report available in the below link)

This shocking report, in addition to other reports in various countries, makes it even more difficult for consumers that already face challenges in finding a reliable source of natural and raw honey, clear of any processing, additives, glucose solutions and water.

Most commercial honey is heated and goes through pasteurizing processes, in order to keep honey in its liquid form and prevent the occurances of crystallization. The heating/pasteurizing processes eliminate the fragrance of honey and alters the chemical composition. The honey is then ultra-filtered, which is a high-tech process that involves watering down or sweetening the heated honey with non-honey products, and then forced through extremely small filters at high pressure in order to remove pollen (the only sign that proves/identifies the honey source).

During such processes, much of the nutritional values of the raw honey is destroyed. In addition to that, the vitamins, enzymes and important anti-oxidants are also destroyed. The honey ends up losing its status as: anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial.

On the other hand, raw honey is real honey. The only ingredient is: honey. It is unprocessed, contains pollen, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, and is free from any additives, water and sugary solutions.

Note: All our products at are considered raw (unaltered) honey and have successfully passed laboratory tests in Oman.


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